Be Present

"What's next?"

This question can sometimes make me feel unsettled. I feel as though our culture has a bombarding message of "hustle harder." It is easy for me to feel rushed to jump on this "bandwagon." My enthusiasm can get the best of me at times if I don't pause for a moment or reflect on what I really want. Often a wake-up call- HELLO!

With summer over and fall in full swing :) the question, "what's next?" is something that comes up quite often in the transition of "changing seasons." I have a (potentially negative) tendency to "do-do-do" instead of "be." I'm aware. Although it a default reaction, I'd rather focus on a better choice of a response. Something I am still mindful of. I feel there is so much value in staying present and grounded at the moment. I feel calmer. Gain more clarity. Embrace the joy of new surprises and opportunities. I don't always need the nudge or urge to take action; I can chill. I love to chill... I have to stay conscious to redirect the energy I feel. Put up a boundary when culture or my surroundings are pointing me in a different direction than what feels fitting for me.

Call or hang out with a friend. Go ride a bike. Get off social media/emails/electronics all together. Get in a solid workout at the gym. Be in nature/ the ocean. Nap. Sip some hot tea. Read a good book. Visit with family. Journal what I am feeling. Watch a fall-festive holiday movie maybe? Laugh. Dance. Pet an animal, hold a baby or give a loved one a hug. Light my favorite scented candles... These are all just some examples of the more positive alternatives I can enjoy than sitting in a fleeting feeling of pressured anxiety or over-productivity. The pressure or message of "do-do-do" is not what I want to hear all the time. I think there is a solid balance needed. I enjoy the balance. I crave a healthy balance. Rest, relaxation and feeling connected to the "heart of the matter" are what I want to embrace. Self-motivated, yet, with limits and mini breaks. Being right where I am is what I enjoy the most. I notice how important it is to have proper boundaries in place when things start to feel slightly "shaken up," or "distracting." When I truly think about what is going on internally for me with such a question such as, "what's next?" I can honestly say I notice my boundaries slipping away... Doesn't feel too good in all honesty. There is no need or obligation to take on someone else's idea(s) or sense of pressure to "do more." If something feels off for you- that's okay. It might be helpful to reflect on and explore what that means. What feels fitting for me (or you) will be unique to the need and timeframe that is best individually. I hope to encourage you if you can relate. This truth and realization are empowering. Stay in your "own lane" as best as you can without guilt or excess responsibility. I'd hope to change the message from, "what's next?" to "what's best for you?"

I want to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and pass that along here. A question such as, "what's best for you?" keeps me thankful. I can appreciate all the positive things and people in my life that are truly best for me and stay intentional at letting go of excess I don't need. Simplify. One helpful tip is practicing mindfulness... Getting grounded. Below is a quick guide that might help!