In my own life, silence is very important. Freedom from the noise and business of this world is found in silence for me personally. In stillness and quiet, I can hear and connect with my soul. I can cultivate my identity and heart. Prioritizing this silence is very countercultural. What we use as entertainment can end up being our escape and distraction. I see this so much around me. I have even been guilty of using the business or various forms of entertainment to distract myself. Although relationships, entertainment, work, school and hobbies can all be beneficial and fulfilling, the amount and extend of time being spent in these activities is what can drain me. I have learned over the years to find comfort and confidence in silence. With healthy boundaries, I can participate when necessary, and then take my own personal space to be refueled. It really is an intentional disciple to be silent.

I found this article online that clearly explains the importance of solitude as well. This is something I need to continue to develop in my life. I am learning to love silence and solitude!