The Importance Of Self Care

I completed a self-care exercise a few weeks ago and was really inspired by the outcome.

Many people wonder how it is possible to make self-care a priority when life is so busy. 
I hope you can be reminded that self-care is under your control. 
Self-care is personal. 
I have spent some time researching and reflecting on some tips and skills to incorporate several components of self-care as a daily routine. 
Self-care isn't a one time thing and may look different for each person. However, constant tiny habits can produce lasting change and results for anyone. 

Here are some examples of small but effective habits:

-Step outside of your comfort zone
-Be intentional 
-Utilize time management
-Reflect and evaluate priorities  
-Establish healthy boundaries 
-Be patient and loving toward yourself

Self-care can be misinterpreted as, "selfish," or, "self-indulgent". 
But the real purpose of self-care is self-preservation. 
It's impossible to pour out and serve others from an empty vessel. 
Prioritizing self-care gives you the proper fuel to keep moving forward and investing into other peoples lives. 
So the main question is, what makes you happy? 
Doing what makes you feel the most joy, daily, will contribute to your own self-care. 
Be creative and mindful in discovering what you enjoy the most. What is life giving to you.

Below are just a few examples, to get your ideas flowing, on how you can take good care of yourself.

Self Care Strategies To Transform Your Life

What Self Care Looks Like

Self Care Tips